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Air Combat Group - Pilot and Mission Database

Welcome to the Air Combat Group Pilot and Mission Database - The place where information on ACG pilots, squadrons and missions is stored and presented.

Flying the Air Combat Group campaign means flying for historical immersion. We do not seek competition or try to win, we try to re-enact and get a feel for what it was like to be a fighter pilot during World War II.

As the pilots back then, ACG-Pilots are required to write an After Action Report after each campaign mission, where they claim victories and describe the course of events of their mission. The reports are written, submitted and presented via these pages. Information from the reports is used to create pilot- and squadron profiles and various other statistics.

There are currently 141 active pilots flying for ACG. The whole group currently consists of 8 Soviet Air Forces squadrons and 7 Luftwaffe Staffeln. There are 18054 after action reports stored in this database, each representing a mission flown by one of our members during a campaign night.

Have a look around and feel welcome to register in our forums or to join our Teamspeak or Discord to say hello.

Air Combat Group - Mission and Pilot Database - Ver: 1.5 - Thaine (ACG-Adjutant)