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This list gives an overview over the fate of all pilots that took part in this mission. A pilot that chrashlands or parachutes into enemy territory will try to walk home to frindly lines on the shortest distance. He will walk a distance of appr. 5 km per hour. About every 12 minutes a check is performed that determines if the pilot died or was captures. The probability to make it to friendly lines is appr. 50/50 for a distance of 30 km. Injury and cold weather decrease the chances. Capture is determined on how close the pilot is to enemy troups. The closer enemy troups, the higher the chances for capture. A distance of 2 km to enemy troups will resulst in a 50/50 chance. Night hours increase the chances for escape. VVS troops that escape enemy territory have an additional risk of being send to the Gulag being suspected a german spy. Although the fate of the pilots are calculated instantaneously, the results will be displayed with a real life delay. A pilot still trying to escape will show "Alive and walking". For example: Should a pilot need to walk 5 hours to reach friendly lines, his status will show "Alive and walking" for those 5 hours. Unless he dies or is captured along the way.

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