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After Action Report:

Squadron: No.615
Squadron code: KW
Flight/Section/Pos: A Flt / Red Sect / 3
Name: F/Sgt Clifford 'Woop' Shaw
Date: 15 Sep 1940 10:30
Base: Kenley
Type: Hawker Hurricane IA Rotol 100 OCT
Markings: KW-G
Serial Nr.: V6617

Squadron took off from Kenley in good order, started to climb towards angels 25 on a heading of 070.

Met up with other squadron at around angels 30 over Hornchurch and we were vectored in towards bombers with escort. We sighted bombers and engaged.

First pass made some bombers collide and explode. My second pass yielded some hits on a bomber. Saw him trail oil from the right hand engine. He was finished off by another Hurricane right after me.

I lost some altitude and circled. Got sixed by a 109, electrics disabled. Dropped down on another 109, got some hits, probably fuel leak. Chased to the deck, blacked out, lost him for a bit. Then sighted again, chased at 280mph, parked up behind him and set him on fire.

Returned to Kenley safely.

JU-88 Damaged Approved
Oil right engine
BF-109 Destroyed Approved
Chased on the deck. Caught up and flamed.
Ground claims:

Pilot status: OK
Aircraft status: Damaged
Report accepted by: Archangel
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