The ACG Campaign

The ACG core experience are the ACG Campaigns, which are flown every Sunday at about 1800 GMT on the ACG IL-2 server, using TS3 for communications.

Every Sunday, ACG pilots gather to fly a uniquely and painstakingly created custom mission, built and tested by ACG’s mission building team. The focus of ACG Campaign Missions is realism, authenticity, enjoyment and immersion.

Missions are meticulously researched, using all the available information on any given day or air battle, from the positions of the ground units to the weather and temperature on the day. Everything is planned and researched, based on the available historical information, presented in a re-enactment style package that squadrons can choose their own way to complete. This means mission targets are historical but not inflexible. A squadron leader has full control over the way he will carry out his assigned mission and can coordinate with other squadrons to complete his objective.

For instance, say that 3 Esk. of 34 IAP are tasked to bomb and strafe an enemy airfield close to the German front lines in their MiG-3s. The squadron has full freedom of how they will carry this objective out, and what they will do upon completion of it.

Sometimes of course, the necessary information is not present, so some amount of guesswork is necessary. Information can be oftentimes lacking, particularly when it comes to VVS paint schemes for instance. This lack of information covered in the most authentic way possible, so as the decisions do not retract from the overall feel of the environment or mission.

If you have come here to check us out, then you're in the right place! You will find lots of information about us here. If you would like to get to know us, have questions or need help with something, register on our forums and introduce yourself in the Reception area! Alternatively, there are always people on our Teamspeak and Discord!

Enjoyment is paramount in ACG. We don’t care who wins or loses a mission (although it may help your banter on the forums afterwards), everything is down to our members enjoying their time flying with ACG and learning something on the way.

Immersion is something ACG strives for wholeheartedly. The only objective for us, is to re-enact past in an authentic and respectful way, and to get a taste of what the original pilots themselves experienced. It’s not for us to say who wins or loses, we just want to discover what it must have been like to be those young men in those planes, and to have fun while doing it. Group and squadron objectives are to re-enact the history ahead of competition, to attempt to be a part of being there, to learn about some of the experiences that were faced by the young pilots who fought for their countries in World War II and to honour them by understanding more about what they faced.

Not sure where I get this from, I’ve heard the phrase elsewhere, but the enjoyment of an ACG Campaign Mission is “serious fun”. “Serious” because it’s realistic and sometimes difficult, but so much fun because of that fact. The heart pounding moments when diving on an unsuspecting enemy aircraft together with your wingman, are made all the more tense because of the persistent nature of the campaign and character progression. Pilots will fear for their virtual lives, as they have put time and effort into keeping them alive, they might even have received medals or commendations for their feats in battle. Tense and amazing fun, is what ACG is about.

At the moment (as of 03/2019), we are running an Operation Taifun Campaign, which is already in its 20th Mission. We covered the whole of October 1941, the German offensive towards Moscow, the battles at Gzhatsk, the battle of Kalinin and at the Vyasma Pocket. We are now moving into the winter of 1941 Soviet counteroffensive. This is our first campaign using IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles. Previously ACG was solely an IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover group, flying campaigns over the Channel, like the Battle of France, the Battle of Britain and the RAF attacks on German bases in France at the end of 1940 and the beginning of 1941.

The ACG Campaign is open to interested people who would like to try the experience before considering membership. If you would like to feel the roar of full squadron/staffel take-offs, Fighter Command operations, scrambles, formation flight in large numbers to the enemy and have a huge scrap high up then come into our Teamspeak and fly with us. We welcome new pilots, no experience necessary as training and help will be provided.

Time: Meet Sunday at 18:00 UK
Mission Duration: One mission per week of approx. 80 minutes
Server: ACG Server in the Lobby
TeamSpeak: ACG TeamSpeak ( is compulsory
Mission Briefings: Check the briefing in the Mission and Pilot Database (PAM). Follow orders from your flight commander.
Flight Logs: Take a look at our flight reports from the campaign in the PAM

Other Events

ACG Training - OPEN TO ALL

Description: The ACG holds squadron specific training sessions (usually Wednesdays and Thursdays) during the week which are open to the public to join in. Please just join and introduce yourself.
Time: 1900 UK
Mission Duration: As long as you want to, normally a couple of hours.
Server: ACG Public IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad server here
TeamSpeak: ACG TeamSpeak (
Mission Information: Training is squadron based or mixed. Non-ACG pilots are welcome regardless of standard, you may post in advance in the Reception area for one-on-one help, but it's not required. We have lots of members willing to help any level under no obligation whatsoever.

Every Night: DCS

Description: Our chaps fly all sorts on DCS so drop in anytime and get involved. It may be a Cold War jets mission, WWII with the Mustang vs Dora or perhaps modern conflict Taliban busting in the A-10.
Time: Drop by Teamspeak, most busy around 1930GMT
Mission Duration: Whatever you want.
Server: ACG Public DCS server here
TeamSpeak: ACG TeamSpeak ( DCS channels.
Information: Please view our DCS forums for more information and to get involved.

Saturday night BLITZ

Description: BLITZ at your Six is a six week 'campaign style' campaign that will follow a story and plot. This will be a 'human' dynamic set of missions, requiring low overhead from a staffing perspective and hopefully a lot of fun, but more importantly, a very different feel to the campaign mission.
Time: Saturdays - 6pm UK
Mission Duration: As long as it takes, normally a couple of hours.
Server: ACG Public server here
TeamSpeak: ACG TeamSpeak (
Mission Information: Please view our IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Forum for more information to join the action.