Flight School

RAF Phonetic Alphabet

The Royal Air Force changed the codes during World War II, particularly with the arrival of the Americans in 1943, which makes things a little tricky to be authentic, but we try our best to stick with the 1940 version.

Letter 1939-42 1942-43 1943-45 Today
A Ace Apple Able Alpha
B Beer Beer Baker Bravo
C Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie
D Don Dog Dog Delta
E Edward Edward Easy Echo
F Freddie Freddie Fox Foxtrot
G George George George Golf
H Harry Harry How Hotel
I Ink In Item India
J Johnnie Johnnie Jig Juliet
K King King King Kilo
L London Love Love Lima
M Monkey Mother Mike Mike
N Nuts Nuts Nab November
O Orange Orange Oboe Oscar
P Pip Peter Peter Papa
Q Queen Queen Queen Quebec
R Robert Robert Roger Romeo
S Sugar Sugar Sugar Sierra
T Toc Tommy Tare Tango
U Uncle Uncle Uncle Uniform
V Vic Vic Victor Victor
W William William William Whiskey
X X-Ray X-Ray X-Ray X-Ray
Y Yorker Yorker Yoke Yankee
Z Zebra Zebra Zebra Zulu