ACG's IL-2 Cliffs of Dover server features 5 hour battles containing multiple dynamic missions with their own objectives which will be different each time you fly. To determine the battle winner there are points scored for striking objectives with weight of bombs, ships sunk and aircraft downed and this is announced at battle end.

Flight data from the public server is recorded and stored in a database. The data is used to create pilot statistics and to drive ACG's unique character career system.

ACG Pointers to Success

  1. Always consider the mission. War effort points are accrued by carrying out mission objectives and preventing the enemy from the same.
  2. Treat your pilot life as if it were your own. This is not kamikaze. Death is costly to you and to your army, it is better to be a PoW than risk drowning.
  3. Try not to lose your aircraft to the enemy. If you are damaged and can escape, then escape. If your machine is striken then you life matters more.
  4. Assets matter. Strike targets or help your forces strike targets by escort. Try to destroy enemy bombers before they reach target rather than on the return.
  5. Use the RDF feature to help win the battle.