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Jagdgeschwader (JG) 26 "Schlageter" was known to the Allied forces in World War II as "The Abbeville Boys". The unit crest of a black gothic 'S' on a white shield was created in reflection of its involvement in the re-occupation of the Rhineland on March 7, 1936 (in violation of the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Pact). The locals had adopted the unit and renamed it after a local nationalist hero Albert Leo Schlageter. Leo, a World War I veteran, had been shot by the French in 1923 for attempting to destroy railway tracks taking coal from the Rhineland back to France as part of the war reparations imposed on Germany in the Treaty of Versailles. France's political policy did not allow any coal to be sold in Germany, even if they wanted to pay for it, despite a great shortage of coal during this time and the hardship the policy brought to the German people.

9./JG26 belonged to the third Gruppe within the Jagdgeschwader 26 (III./JG26).

9./JG26 in the ACG

9./JG26 is an English speaking Staffel flying the latest Messerschmitt Bf109E fighter alongside their brothers in III Gruppe of Jagdgeschwader 26 unit.

The III. Gruppe is based on Caffiers in the Pas-de-Calais-Nord territory, a short flight from South East England and the RAF.

Your primary role will be that of close escort to our bomber crews although JG26 are best at longer range free sweeps across enemy territory hunting down the RAF.


Pilot Aircraft
Rank Callsign Role
Oberleutnant Coopes Staffelführer
Obergefreiter Burty Katschmarek
Obergefreiter Bentley Rottenführer
Unteroffizier Brigg Katschmarek
Leutnant Kubo Schwarmführer
Obergefreiter Niwsters Katschmarek
Unterfeldwebel Rich Rottenführer
Unteroffizier Cerberus Katschmarek
Oberfeldwebel Toast Schwarmführer
Leutnant Today Rottenführer
Hauptgefreiter Brennan Katschmarek
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