Join us on Teamspeak!

Teamspeak is where the ACG Campaign takes place. This is our primary voice communication platform that we use during the Campaign. You must be on Teamspeak in order to take part in the Campaign. If you are interested in flying with others on comms don't be shy, jump into our public 150 slot TeamSpeak 3 server. We welcome like-minded flyers who like the immersion of squadron flying.

Teamspeak is a free installation available here

Once installed set up a Bookmark to Air Combat Group using the following connection details and join in.

Password: No Password Set

ACG uses "Push-To-Talk" in as an anti-spam measure, you can set a Push-To-Talk key binding in the Settings>Options>Capture menu, then just use Teamspeak like a Walkie-Talkie.

Should you experience any problems please post in our forums and we'll be happy to help you out.